Car Fitg Inflatable Air Shim Bag for Home Use and Auto Repair

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New Design Air Wedge Pump Tool Kit 

The Air Wedge Alignment Tool is an inflatable wedge that can lets you raise andlower to perfect alignments. not only can uses around the home or office. but also can be used to life, level, and adjust kitchen units, cabinets, office equipment, refrigerator, and household appliances much more!

Easy upgrade! New Redesigned stronger Release Valve, Use the air wedge shim can easy to align and level heavy equipment and move the equipment.

Safely handles full size installations with just a single installer; effectively saving time and labor.

How to Use:
1. Opened the package, take out the air wedge, air wedge and tube are in a separate State
2. Insert the tube, close the valve
3. Keep squeezing, inflate wedge, when filled air stop
4. Open the valve let air flow out when finished use

Material: Polyurethane rubber.
Air Bag Pump Wedge Bag Size: About 6.6 * 6.6 in (L*W).

Package list:
1 * Black Air Bag Pump Wedge

1. Please leave half of the air wedge outside to make it stable and safe.
2. Don't inflate excessively when operate, after being proped up, let the air out. Then put the triangle block.
3. Please Avoid sharp objects in direct contact with the air wedge.